THE BIG PICTURE – Episode 54 – Delivering Kevin and Kristen’s Album

I photographed Kristen and Kevin’s wedding a year and a half ago. They just recently decided to order a photo album which I had printed and bound by Leather Craftsmen. Lan went with me on Saturday to deliver the album since he was my 2nd shooter for their wedding.

I delivered two albums this weekend actually. Album delivery is my favorite part of the wedding photography process. I love seeing the looks on their faces as they watch the story of their wedding unfold in front of them all over again. It makes me feel great!

I always try to hand deliver my client’s albums to them at their doorstep, with a bottle of my favorite champagne, a box of chocolates and a hand-written card conveying my appreciation. Last impressions are just as important as first impressions. Building a relationship with your clients is a lot like building any other relationship. It’s easy to put a ton of effort into it up front and then slowly put less and less effort forth as time progresses. It’s a lot harder, however, to continue that effort throughout the duration of the relationship. But let me tell you…IT IS SO WORTH IT! Kristen and Kevin have become really good friends of mine!

Hmmm…maybe I should give my fiancee some roses… 😉 If you’re reading this Barbara, I LOVE YOU!!!