THE BIG PICTURE – Episode 75 – Crystal and Brian’s Wedding – Short Fusion Video

This was my first attempt at this new “fusion” revolution that’s about to take over the industry. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, Fusion is what everyone is calling the videos out there that seamlessly “fuse” photos and videos together. Actually people have been making fusion-like videos for a long time now. It’s become relatively easy now with software like iMovie. But I think it is the recent development of SLR’s that can capture HD quality video that has caught the wedding photography industry’s attention. The thought behind it is, a wedding photographer can now capture small clips of HD video during a wedding and then later fuse the clips together with the photos that they took into a really captivating presentation for their clients.

And so…I bought a 5D Mark II and jumped on the band wagon for 2009. We’ll see how it goes! 🙂 This was my first wedding of the year, and I’m excited to try this Fusion thing out on some more weddings too. What was neat about this wedding, was that my friend and 2nd shooter for the day, Lan Bui had a Mark II also! So he was able to get some alternate angles which added a whole new creative dimension to the concept.

I plan to talk a lot more about this whole fusion thing over the course of the year. It’s an interesting concept. But is it just a fad? And is it worth the hassle and learning curve? I think so. What are your thoughts? Leave me some comments below.

Oh and stay tuned for the official blog post of Crystal and Brian’s wedding.

BTW the music was “100 Years” by Five for Fighting.