Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea Wedding Photography – Megan and Yaojen

VENUE: Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea

Where do I begin?  I have so much to say yet somehow I have writer’s block.  Hawaii is awesome!  I’ve been to Hawaii a few times before but never to the island of Maui and I am definitely impressed.  What an amazing place to get married!  Congratulations to Megan and Yaojen!  Your wedding was beautiful and the Four Seasons Resort at Wailea Maui was the most fitting location for it.

For those of you that don’t frequent my blog, I blogged Megan and Yaojen’s engagement photos in September of last year.  (I can’t believe it’s already been over a year!!)  Right when I met them I knew we would click.  They are truly a beautiful couple.  Friendly, genuine and so in love.

I’ve gotten to know them pretty well over the last year having photographed their engagement session, engagement luau, and Megan’s wedding shower.  I could literally fill a novel with nice things to say about them and about their wedding.  However, instead of writing paragraph after paragraph I think I will tell the story of their week in Maui through the photos I took and add captions as I go.

I took A LOT of photos so get ready!  This blog post is intense!


I snapped these three photos at the rehearsal dinner.  The view was breathtaking.


I love how you can see the rays of sunlight peeking through the clouds in this photo.


I was able to steal them away for a minute to take some quick photos on the beach as the sun was setting.


I love silhouettes.


Here is the beach right outside Four Seasons.  I brought my colleague and good friend Brian Khang with me to 2nd shoot this wedding and we were fortunate enough to be able to bring our wives along for a week.  Barb and Helen had a really nice time laying out on the beach and eating shaved ice, while Brian and I were busy taking photos.  Haha!


This is the view we were able to enjoy at the Four Seasons…so peaceful.


Megan’s dress was so elegant looking.  And it was completely custom made for her!  The bottom half was actually detachable!  She detached it during the reception and did a surprise hula dance for Yaojen.  So creative I love it!
Yes I posted three photos of Megan’s shoes.  She was CRAZY about her shoes.  And with good reason.  Yaojen picked them out for her as a gift before the wedding.  Just in case you didn’t notice…they’re Christian Louboutin!
Her bridesmaids were so attentive.  They were on it.  Not a detail was missed.
Her bracelet, necklace and earrings were a matching set that Yaojen picked up for her as her wedding day gift.  Way to go Yaojen!
Don’t take this the wrong way, Yaojen is a happy guy.  And he doesn’t smile any less than most guys do.  But I’ve never seen him smile more than I did on his wedding day.
img_9835-editIsn’t that background killer!?  This was taken in the lounge area of Spago.  Megan and Yaojen have a romantic history there…
Just in case you noticed how gleamingly clean there teeth are.  Yaojen is a dentist and Megan is a dental hygienist…makes sense!  LOL!  Their smiles are perfect!
I think backless dresses are so classy.
Awesome choice of colors Megan!


When Yaojen was saying his vows…



The sunset was unreal.  Everyone ran over to take photos of it during the cocktail hour.


Here’s that hula dance I was talking about.


My good friends (and clients) Julie and Luke.  Thank you SO MUCH for referring Megan and Yaojen to me.  You guys rock!!  When are we going to do dinner?  Luke you have to show me your Maserati so I can photograph it!


Is that Andre Agassi!?  Nope…just me. LOL!


The next day they all got together for brunch at Spago.


The view was so epic it didn’t even look real.


*** This last photo has a special significance.  This is where Megan and Yaojen sat a few years ago while on vacation dreaming about one day getting married in Maui.  And then it happened. 🙂  Thank you so much for letting me be a part of it!