UCLA Engagement Photography | Susy and Scott

What are furry, energetic and have eight legs? Bentley and Rollie…of course!;)Susy and Scott’s two dogs joined us for the first part of their engagement session and they were hamming it up. Dogs are so much fun. Growing up we always had at least 2 or three dogs and a couple cats around the house. There’s something really special about being a pet owner that only people with pets can appreciate. If you have them long enough they seriously become part of the family. At least that was the case for my family. And judging by the photos below I would say that Bentley and Rollie are definitely part of the family.

Susy and Scott decided to have part of their engagement photos done at Huntington Central Park, followed by more photography at UCLA. UCLA has such a beautiful campus with impressive architecture. And when we arrived, the sun was really low in the sky making the light soft and magical. Yup, I said it…magical. The combination of an amazing couple at a fantastic location with perfect lighting had me drooling over the potential. The setting was ideal and they really deserved it. They are two of the nicest kindhearted people I have ever met. They’re both Special Ed teachers and work really hard at what they do. I have a tremendous amount of respect for teachers. My mother was a teacher (now principal) at an elementary school in Orange County. Teachers work so hard and have such a huge impact on literally generations of people. Go teachers!

On a romantic tangent, Scott proposed to Susy at the top of a sky-scraper in New York City. Awesome right!? Just thought I should mention it.:)


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Melissa Turner - Great photos. You can’t even tell Scott had his eyes open in all the kissing ones. :) You guys look great.

christina - the lighting is really great in these pics! and i can’t resist a shoot with doggies!!

mimi - You guys look great!!! Susy…you are more than welcome to do my hair for me!

Janet - Beautiful pics!! I love that you went to UCLA…GOOOOOO BRUINS!! I love the shots!! Can’t wait to see you both on the big day….SUPER EXCITED!!!

Gena Yoon - Susy, those shoes are killer. Love it! Shin said, “There’s sure is a lot of bboh bboh-ing going on.”

Christina & Jason - Susy & Scott~!
You look fabulous~!
Can’t wait to see you at your wedding =)

Luke Lin - Another job well done. See you at the next wedding!

esther - Such great photos!! I knew Scott and Susy were in good hands the moment u started shooting! :)

susy - Thank you Aaron for the beautiful photos!! I can’t wait for the big day :)

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