Trinidad and Tobago Valeema Photography | Shazia and Jeff

Tobago is already filled with breathtaking beauty with colorful buildings, palm trees and lush vegetation leading all the way to the waters edge.  So to add the color and vibrance of a Valeema (wedding celebration) to Tobago is like adding sugar to coffee.  They go together well.

Shazia and Jeff held their Mehndi in Minnesota and then celebrated with a Valeema in Tobago at the Tobago Plantations.  The Trinidad and Tobago portion of their wedding was a Desi Caribbean fusion.

Shazia wore two different dresses.  One for the party and the other for the day-after photoshoot.  The bead work on both of her dresses was exquisite and her jewelry was so beautiful.  The bracelets and head pieces were my favorite.

Shazia and Jeff exude a sense of confidence and style that you don’t see very often and it was so much fun to photograph them because they had such an incredible chemistry in front of the camera. And choosing what photos to use in this blog post was really difficult because there were so many beautiful images to choose from.  I wish I could post them all!