Personal Epiphany

When I was a kid, I loved to collect things. I had collections of everything including but not limited to bottlecaps, stamps (yup I’m a nerd:-), rocks, coins, rubberbands etc. There was something about the idea of accumulating things that I guess was appealing to me. I used to hold them close like they were valuable treasures. Each item had its own totally unique story. And there was this part of me that felt obligated to keep watch over them. I was thinking about this the other day. And as I sat their laughing at myself and thinking about how I grew out of that stage, it struck me…I’M STILL IN THAT STAGE! In fact, it was never a stage at all! That’s just who I am, I love collecting things, but now I just collect memories in the form of pictures. Instead of bottlecaps and coins, my treasures have taken the form of digital one-of-a-kind images. Moments that would have been lost in the passing of time, are now captured and stored in my personal collection. I love it! Hmmm…

Luis Munoz-Najar - You are such a nerd!!! just kidding I have a collection of collections, even though I don’t keep adding to them I still have them… Money, coins, stamps, keychains, pins, and thousands of pictures!!!!


Ok ok I know this is a REALLY delayed blog post. But remember, this whole blogging thing is pretty new for me. It’s tough to find the time to keep it updated. But I’m trying…hehe!

WPPI!!!!!! Wow! What a cool experience. In case any of you are wondering, WPPI is a massive annual convention that unites Wedding and Portrait photographers from all over the country to network and learn more about the industry. This year it was held at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, so I carpooled with my friends Lan and Bonny. I got to help Vu Bui with the Shootsac booth which ended up being pretty cool. I also got to help Lan with the filming of Becker’s portrait session which was a huge hit! There were so many people there it was crazy!!

Having the opportunity to meet and get to know so many really cool people, all with the same passion for photography was a totally affirming process for me. It further solidified my commitment to my work and inspired me to try harder. I am so unbelievably amped up now about growing my business and pursuing my passion for photography.

Some randomly selected photos from WPPI for your viewing pleasure:

Our hotel:



Ally Stepp and I doing a little street photography:


Cruising the WPPI tradeshow with Lan and Jessica Claire while they get some blog footage:


Jessica was selling these really cool miniature Leica replicas at the Shootsac booth:



Random photo of Lan Bui with too much WPPI in his eye:


Some photos from Becker’s crazy annual party at “THE HOTEL“:

Candace and Paul of iCandi Photography:


Jim Kennedy and I:

What a cool guy! So down to earth in spite of his extreme success. I have so much respect for his work and his business model. Both are sources of great inspiration and I hope to one day achieve the same degree of success.


Eleisa of Photogen Inc and David of Ohana Photography:

Cool people!!! Eleisa gave me some great advice about my commercial photography biz!


Some photos from the FotoCabina Photo Booth at Becker’s party:

Eleisa and I again:


Michael Norwood, Fred Egan, Lan Bui and I acting stupid:

- Photo was removed for the sake of professionalism.

The 3 amigos: Dane Sanders, Mike Colon and Joe Photo showing a little skin for the FotoCabina Photo Booth.


Lan and I exhausted after Becker’s party:


Random Joe Rumore sighting at the Double Down Saloon:

Thanks for the camera! Joe sold me his 5D for a great price. That made my already amazing WPPI experience even that much better.


I ran into Victor Sizemore at the Double Down saloon. Isn’t this a cool pic!? Vic has a cool story and has definitely inspired me in my pursuit of photography. I really look up to him.


After the Double Down Saloon, Vu and I convinced Orbie and Rebecca to check out the rides at the top of the Stratosphere:


Rebecca was scared. Who am I kidding we were all terrified!!!




I got bored in the elevator:

And finally, me at the top of the Stratosphere. Photo courtesy of Vu Bui:


WPPI was a blast! I can’t wait until next year!!!!!!!

Dane - Who photoshopped my shirt off of me and on to Mike? Weird.

Sweet blog Aaron.


It has been absolutely crazy since I got back from WPPI in Las Vegas a few weeks ago!  And I desperately need to update my Blog.  So hang on tight everyone there is a lot of blogging to come.  I’m about 10 blog posts behind with stories and pics ranging from engagement photo shoots, weddings, a photo shoot for Disney (yeah, that’s right, Disney), a creativity retreat to Denver Colorado and WPPI in Las Vegas.  Oh and expect a post really soon about my lovely girlfriend Barbara!

King Of Buena PArk - so I’m just waiting for the new a very cool updates… And tomorrow or wednesday sounds good just let me know..

King Of Buena PArk - So i’ll be at work waiting for the updates… keep them coming..

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