Paradisus Playa Conchal Wedding Photography |Costa Rica | Melissa and Adrian

Ahhh Costa Rica….I can’t wait to go back. It was stunningly beautiful to say the least. A thick layer of lush green vegetation covers the entire country stretching right up to the edge of the beach. A plethora of flowers, plants and wildlife provide vibrant colors and smells that fill the air stimulating all of your senses at once. And it is this alluring beauty that brought Adrian back to the place he was born. Except this time as he walked along the beach smelling the floral scented breeze, and feeling the sand beneath his toes, and the sun on his face he had someone to share it with. He brought the love of his life with him. It was Melissa’s first time to Costa Rica, and what a beautiful way to get introduced to it. Just days later they were married and their wedding was filled with joy and romance.

One of the first things you will notice when traveling to Costa Rica is that many of the locals use the phrase “Pura Vida.” It’s the unofficial motto of Costa Rica and its literal translation means “pure life.” In two words it seems to depict their philosophy on life. The phrase is used by Costa Ricans to express their happiness, sense of family and community and pride in their country. I’ve also heard that it represents a lifestyle of taking it easy and living slowly. I love it!

Melissa and Adrian held their wedding at the Paradisus Playa Conchal Resort, which is a breathtaking property that is so enormous it requires a full-time shuttle service for all of it’s guests. It was truly a wonderland for photography. However I think the highlight for me was when we borrowed a horse from a Costa Rican gentleman and took photos of them riding it down the beach. Melissa and Adrian are so laid back and fun to be around. Melissa attributes this personality trait to her relationship with Adrian. She says he’s a calming force. It’s funny, because when I first met them I remember thinking she was like this little hummingbird chirping and flying around Adrian who was this gentle giant in comparison. I think one of my favorite photos of them depicts this perfectly. It’s the one of them walking on the pathway over the pool. Melissa is holding Adrian’s hand as she pulls him along in hurried anticipation.

Thank you so much Melissa and Adrian for choosing me to be your photographer. Your wedding in Costa Rica was a surreal experience that I will never forget. PURA VIDA!!

Location: Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Venue: Paradisus Playa Conchal


yoli rios - those are BEAUTIFUL pics you caught the right sunsets…waves….everything at the right moment….BEAUTIFUL artistry!!!!!

Maurice Goddard - Very beautiful work Aaron….I love it. May God continue to bless you in Jesus name…

susy - Aaron, your photos made me fall in love with Costa Rica all over again! Gorgeous couple, they look so happy!!

christina - so pretty..i love her smile!

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Playa Del Carmen Wedding Photography | Linda and Jeff

I was definitely destined to be Linda and Jeff’s wedding photographer. It was meant to be…it was just one of those things. They live up in San Francisco and randomly discovered me online. When they called me to schedule an appointment it was perfect timing because I was already heading up there for another client’s engagement session. So right after my photo shoot I met them at this really nice spot called the Fifth Floor Lounge at Hotel Palomar. Our meeting went wonderfully and I was instantly intrigued with the vision they had for their wedding in the beautiful Playa del Carmen.

Their Welcome Dinner was held on the rooftop cabanas of El Taj Beachside Condo Hotel overlooking the ocean making it the perfect spot for their friends and family to mingle and settle in.

For their sunrise photo shoot Linda wanted a pier similar to the one she saw from a wedding I photographed in Trinidad and Tobago. So she did a little research and discovered a really amazing looking pier at Ceiba del Mar Beach and Spa Resort. She contacted the manager there and obtained exclusive permission for us to use it. The pier looked breathtaking with the thatch roof hut at the end. It was really windy that morning causing Linda’s dress to move which added some nice drama to the images.

It was already inventive enough that they were able to find that pier at Ceiba del Mar Beach and Spa Resort, but they also rented out the entire Blue Cacao Beach Club for their wedding. So they had the whole place to themselves! The ceremony was held on the sandy beach outside the Blue Cacao and the reception and party were held by the outdoor pool which overlooked the ocean.

The party was intense, filled with event after event, including a first dance with fireworks and a private fire-dancing show held on the sand. And it wasn’t your typical fire-dancing either. It was a team of four dancers doing some pretty insane acrobats with fire all to the sound of techno music. And just when it seemed like things were winding down, everyone was given party balloons, the music was cranked up and about thirty people started dancing in the pool! Their wedding from start to finish was an epic experience and I had so much fun being a part of it! Thank you Linda and Jeff for choosing me to be your wedding photographer in Playa del Carmen!


Kelly Demaret - Hi Aaron,

I am also considering Grand Coral for a wedding venue and love your pics. Would love pricing. Also would love to be put in touch with Linda if she would be willing to talk to me a bit about El Taj and the fire dancers.


Andrea Fontana - Hi Aaron,

I am getting married on Friday April 20, 2012 in Playa Del Carmen and am looking for a photographer. I was referred to you by Stephanie Koyano whose engagement session you’ve shot and whose wedding you will also shoot. I see you have shot a wedding at the Grand Coral beach club, which is one of the possible venues for my wedding.

I was wondering what your rate would be for you to come to Playa Del Carmen, and what your services include. I love your work!



Valentina - Aaron, the shots of the couple are gorgeous! You did a great job capturing the beauty of the place and the couple

christina - love those fire show shots! what an awesome location to have a wedding, i just want to go there on vacation after seeing your photos!

Aaron Dieppa - Thanks so much for the nice comments! It’s nice to know people are out there viewing my work!

And Megan you’re right, Barbara has the #1 spot! LOL!!

megan - WOW Aaron these are Amazing! You are so wonderful at what you do. This couple has great wedding day pictures! We love looking at your hard work. Your #1 fans The Changs! Well I guess we are #2 since Barbara has the #1 spot.

Rachel Absher - Aaron, these are beautiful. I love how you captured this couple and their love for each other.

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